Reduce the risk of infection in environments



The AIR SANITIZER 20W De Sisti was born as a result of the collaboration with INAF started immediately after the onset of the pandemic of COVID-19 with the aim of providing the skills of the company in order to create products that can reduce the risk of infection in environments.


De Sisti’s approach is to create products with the best quality/ price ratio possible with the support of a technical-scientific verification on the devices made, placing on the market equipment-certified and at the right price to allow users to avoid speculation on the market (extremely recharged prices and unreliable devices).


The 20W AIR SANITIZER uses radiation emitted by a UVC source to inactivate viruses and bacteria present in the air, injected into the device by an inlet fan and returned sanitized by an outlet fan. The device is available in two versions: one powered by 24V and one by AC (90-250V).


The results of scientific studies reported in the literature concerning the inactivation of the virus COVID-19 indicate that the UVC dose required for this purpose, in the case of UVC irradiation, is about 4 mj/cm2 for a concentration equal to that of a COVID-19 sufferer which is significantly higher than that assumed to be present in the air of an environment.


The value of the absorbed dose from the pass-by air in the De Sisti Air Sanitizer, measured by INAF, is of the order of 9mJ/cm2. This dose is therefore higher than that required for the inactivation of COVID-19  and certainly allows a not negligible reduction in the concentration of other microorganisms present in the air.


FIXTURE UVC source 254nm 18W 2 Fans with 1.5 m/s flow both in and out Power cable 2 mt, 3×0,5 sqmm.

24V version: 24V power supply

AC version: 90-250V 50/60Hz universal power supply

ACCESSORIES Support for wall installation


UVC source 254nm 18W

Power supply 24V (U20W-24V) or AC 90-250V (U20W-AC)

Case in Aluminium


Based on the results of the measurements carried out, the action of the test filter can be considered effective in inactivating COVID-19, for which the necessary dose to avoid the replication in about 4 mJ/cm2 for a concentration equal to that of a patient of COVID-19 which is decidedly greater than that presumable present in the air of an environment. This dose is therefore higher and certainly allows a not negligible reduction of the concentration of other microorganisms present in the air.


We hereby declare on our sole responsibility that the air sanitizers listed below have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the following EC Directives and in accordance with the requirements of the following harmonised standards.


These are ecological devices, tested by INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics – Astronomical Observatory of Brera), able to biologically sanitize the air thanks to UVC light. Viruses, bacteria and molds are then eliminated without the use of chemicals. The device is effective against the virus COVID-19: the air is sucked by a fan, sanitized by UVC and expelled by a second fan. There are no filters, to avoid problems of disposal and maintainance.